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Originally the Red Bicycle was actually grey..

The original bicycle that I used to use to ride into the city everyday working as a tour guide around the Colosseum, was actually grey. It was on loan to me via a friend I had made when I m first moved here in 2007. Since it wasn’t in particularly good nick and needed a new lick of paint, I took it upon myself to do her up, hence The Red Bicycle was born!

It would be this very bicycle that led me to start up my bicycle touring company. It started with a handful of second hand bicycles which I kept hidden near to the colosseum metro from where I would meet clients and take them to the start point.

As time went on and I managed to make a name for myself, I was finally able to move into a proper shop and set upself with a work bench and tools to carry out repairs. This allowed me to continue to work as a bicycle repair shop as well as offer bicycle tours, which is something I enjoyed doing, considering how the companies origins.

After almost 12 years of living and working in Rome I have now decided to focus on leading tours and organising trips outside of Rome, to explore Italy and the countryside of Italian towns I have missed over the years.

Thanks to all who have made this dream a reality and continue to choose to cycle with The Red Bicycle when they come on holiday.