Cycling in Rome past the Aquaducts

Appian Way Picnic

Take part in the Appian Way Bike Tour following the path of an ancient Roman road on the way out and the path of the Aqueducts on the way back.

Stop along the way during the bike tour to visit the catacombs of St. Callisto and the tombs of the ancient romans dotted through the countryside.  This is our complete tour of the Appian Way and combines all of the areas of interest in the Appia Antica regional park with a Picnic Lunch* at the natural spring Santa Egeria.

*The Picnic lunch is composed of locally sourced produce such as cheese, wine, olives, fruit, bread, cured ham and mineral water. Alternatives organised for wheat allergies and in the event of bad weather. 

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Price: €60 Adults/ €55 Children

Days: Daily except Wednesday

Start: 09:30 / Finish: 14:30

Includes: Picnic Lunch

-The Appian Way-

Go cycling along the Appian Way, an ancient road that runs through the roman countryside and park of the Appia Antica, and see first hand some of Romes most important achievements.

-The Roman Aqueducts –

A network of overhead channels bringing thousands of liters of water into ancient Rome every second.

-The Christian Catacombs-

Visit the underground sanctuary of the early christians as they hid from the romans and buried their dead, with 28kms of tunnels spread out over 4 floors.

-Picnic at a Natural Spring-

Stop for a hearty picnic in the Santa Egeria park where there is a natural spring! Fill up your bottles with fizzy water from the spring and enjoy something to eat and drink.

  • For this tour we suggest using our mountain bikes.
  • Please wear hard soled shoes and loose fitting clothes.
  • Please bring a water bottle.

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2 thoughts on “Appian Way Picnic”

  1. This was our second tour with Glen and we thoroughly enjoyed both. The catacombs are a must see and what better way to go than by bike. The tour is fun and the cycling not to tough. Our 12 year old coped fine. Glen is an excellent guide and very personable. We rode along paths and tracks you’d never visit any other way. If you want to get away from the crowds take this tour, you won’t regret it!

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