All Day Cycle

See Rome and its countryside on an All Day Bike Tour. Includes a complimentary lunch at a local Italian restuarant.

Castelli Lake Cycle

Combine Unesco World heritage sights with splendid hill-top towns, roman ruins and beautiful scenery on an average distance of 70 kilometres round trip

Castelli Weekend Ride

An opportunity for cycling in a majestic setting amongst lakes and volcanic craters filled with greenery and medievil cities.

Catacomb Cycle

Our Catacomb Bicycle tour to the catacombs of Rome is the easiest way to get to the catacombs.

Appian Cycle

Cycling along the ancient roman road the Appian Way, on a guided bicycle tour of Romes countryside, is a great way to get out of the city and into the roman countryside.

Sunset Cycle

An evening bicycle tour that takes riders between the Aventine Hill and the Pincian Hill, seeing Rome by night.

Taking cycling to new heights in Rome

From cycling past monuments to along an ancient road to the top of a extinct volcano, we organize a variety of events to cater for even the most seasoned cyclist. With quality bicycles, discounted rates for children and expert staff, your holiday in Rome will be made that much more enjoyable by cycling with The Red Bicycle.

Should you be staying in Rome at present or are planning on visiting in the future, let us know by sending a message via our Contact Us page.

Included on our All Day Bike Tour is a complimentary typical Italian lunch!

If you want to bring your own pedals for a ride to the Castelli Lake , we will gladly fit them for you.

Short & Long Distance Tours

In addition to our usual Guided Bike Tours of Rome and the tours available to go Cycling the Appian Way, you can also combine a holiday in Rome with a cycling trip to the Castelli Romani.  We offer bespoke Cycling trips from Rome to the region 20kms south east, known as the Castelli Romani, for a single day or even overnight.

Hybrid City Bikes, Mountain & Racing Bikes

Included on all of our tours are the bicycles and safety equipment. From the most occasional of cyclist to the more advanced cyclist, we have a bike to suit your style. Baby seats and third wheel attachments available. If you need a baby seat or a third wheel attachment for you child, just let us know via email at time of booking.

Advocating Cycling in Rome

The Red Bicycle has made all of our bicycle routes and tour information available online so that other cyclists can make use of our knowledge. Check our Shop page for updates, cycling routes and maps for a comprehensive guide to cycling in Rome and Lazio (currently unavailable).