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Join a bike tour of Rome as a great way to see the city. Starting at 9:30 in the morning or either 2pm or 3pm (winter /summer) in the afternoon. This tour is a great way to hear, learn and see how Rome started as a small village that would become Caput Mundi, the Capital of the World. Follow your guide on a well layed out route that offers even the most experienced Rome visitor new sites and trivia. During the tour  we include a stop at a famous coffee bar near the Pantheon for a toilet break and a visit inside the most well preserved pagan temple ever.

-Ancient Heart of Rome-

The first area covered during both our Morning and Afternoon tours includes those sites which most associate with Rome: The Colosseum and the Gladiators, The Palatine Hill and the Emperors and the Roman Forum and the Senate.In addition we also see the Circus Maximus, the Capitoline Hill and the Theatre of Marcellus.

-Jewish Rome-

At the bottom of the Capitoline Hill, stretching along the opposite side of the river lies Romes medievil quarter. We pass through the Jewish Ghetto, which is today a very affluent area, on our way to Trastevere to experience a completely different side of Rome.

-Historic Centre-

This area is full of interesting areas to visit, from the government buildings of Montecitorio to the Trevi Fountain and St. Ignatious Church. Includes a visit of the Pantheon as well as a visit to an optical illusion.

-Roman Forum-

Cycle up the Capitoline Hill to get a panoramic view overlooking the Roman Forum from on top. The ruins of the ancient roman empire stretched out below are best seen from this balcony.

  • Circus Maximus & Palatine Hill 
  • Capitoline Hill & Roman Forum 
  • Riverfront & Island 
  • Jewish Ghetto 
  • Campo de Fiori & Piazza Navona
  • Palazzo Spada 
  • The Pantheon and Optical Illusion
  • Trevi Fountain & Spanish Steps
  • Capitoline Hill and Roman Forum

Morning Tour

Price : 45 euros/person Start time: 9.30am Duration: 4 hours Schedule: Daily Extras:  Coffee & Pantheon (entrance fee)

Afternoon Tour

Price: 35 euros/person Start time: either 2pm or 3pm Duration: 3 hours Schedule: Daily Extras: Cappuccino

We will provide you with a bicycle (electric bicycles available), helmet and bike bag (for carrying small objects) In the event you will be cycling with infants, we have attachments such as child trailer, baby seats etc. Please add this to the booking comment section.

7 Responses
  1. The Leong Family

    We took the Sunset tour of Rome on the day we arrived. It was a great way to get an overview of Rome and the ride was quite enjoyable! After navigating a couple of car filled boulevards as we met at the Colosseum, we found ourselves on a bike path up to the Gate on Aventino Hill and then down to the bike path that runs along the river. Glenn was very friendly and helpful and gave us background info on all of the sites. Highly recommend taking a bike tour of Rome!

  2. Guest

    Thanks for that Debbie & Co. I will be adding more to the site about how best to appreciate Rome in the following weeks.

  3. Adam P.

    We had a great time on our Red Bicycle city tour. When I first arrived in Rome, I was intimidated by the scorching sun and restless traffic. Glenn took us on a private, calm and informative tour that included all the major sights, along with a stop in the Jewish Quarters. It was a perfect introduction to the city, and we highly recommend starting your visit to Rome with Glenn as your guide!

  4. Valerie Thompson

    My friend and I did the city tour with Glenn and enjoyed it very much. One thing we particularly enjoyed that is somewhat unique to this tour is that there were several real “stops” along the way with time to enjoy a pastry or some gelato. The tour we did was truly a great introduction to the highlights of Rome: the Colosseum, the Jewish Quarter, the Trevi Fountain, the Vatican, the Pantheon, even a brief ride right along the Tiber river! Bring a water bottle to rehydrate at the many fountains around the city, and you’re good to go!

  5. Michal Fried

    My husband and I will be in Roma and would love to join a private/ group tour. We are coming Monday and Tuesday aug 28-29th.
    What are the different options available?

    Thank you,

  6. Glenn Newland

    Hello and thank you for showing interest in our Rome Bike Tours. A private bike tour of Rome can be arranged. Please contact us via email for more details. Otherwise just book a group bike tour online using the calendars.

  7. mimosamay

    Just back from our trip in July 2018 and this was one of our favorite experiences during our trip in Rome. We took the evening tour (weather had cooled a bit) and had the most exceptional views of the Colosseum by twilight. Seeing some cool, secret places on bicycle was delightful and spared our feet from all the walking we had been doing. Sarah led our tour (along with Musa) and both were delightful, accommodating, funny and Sarah gave a very personal tour of her favorite spots. The aperitivo was a LOT of food and we loved taking the windy streets of Trastevere. I recommend this to anybody wanting to explore Rome without doing the same ‘ole touristy experience. This was a MUST-see tour! Great job to this team. Both Musa and Sarah were incredibly good with the small kids that were in our group. This tour group has bikes with carts to accommodate kids as well if you do this as a family – also fun for couples and adults as there is some drinking optional.

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