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Rome Bicycle Tours

with electric bicycles

Bike Tours of Rome

Getting around Rome can be pretty tiring. With so much to see and a limited time, why not try a Rome Bike Tour? The best way to see Romes monuments like the Colosseum and Vatican, visit its various quarters and learn about Roman history.

The Red Bicycle leads daily tours of Rome by bike from a departure point near the Colosseum, in the old race track called the circus Maximus. For those who have already been to Rome, or want to do something outside in the roman countryside, there is also the Appia Antica Regional Park. An extensive area of 3200 hectares this park has aqueducts, catacombs, natural springs and an old roman road called the Appia Antica running through it.

Please note that as there are many sites and monuments to visit, within Rome as well as through the Appia Antica Park and we try to cover as much as during the time allocated, we only allow about 5/10 minutes for each stop. Except for the Catacombs which require 45 minutes.

Planning on visiting Rome but want to decide your own schedule?

Perhaps you are a group and need your own private guide or want to have a tour suited to meet your needs?

Send us an email by clicking the button below or choose one of our planned itineraries.


  • Enter inside the accessible sites  (those that don’t require tickets or long lines)
  • Historical information about the area and monuments
  • Live commentary from a local guide in chosen language
  • Bicycle (in your size)
  • Helmet
  • Small bike bag for carrying phone/camera etc.

Bike Tours

closeup colosseum

Roman Evening Electric Bike Tour

Day/Overnight Tours


Mtb / eMTB – Rocca Romana

10:00 am - 5:00 pmThe Red Bicycle