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Rome Bicycle Tours

Group Bike Tours or Private Bike Tours of Rome
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Guided Bicycle Tours Rome

Thinking of joining a guide for a bicycle tour of Rome, well this information should be relevant.

Firstly there are many companies that offer guided bike tours of Rome. Some are better than others, better organized and even free but the real difference is what route you will follow. When deciding on joining a bike tour of Rome you should take into consideration the following 3 aspects:

  1. What are you interested in doing? If you just want to go cycling around the city then perhaps avoid a bike tour that tries to cover Romes main monuments as this will inevitably mean a lot of stopping and starting.
  2. How good are you at cycling? If you are a novice cyclist then perhaps choose a bike tour that doesn’t involve cycling alongside Romes traffic or through busy pedestrian areas as this isn’t easy for beginner cyclists.
  3. What area do you want to visit the most? Since Rome is a really small city with a lot of its main attractions close together, its probably easier to see them by foot. The area outside of the old roman city walls is best done by bicycle however, The Appian Way and Countryside.

In the next section you can find details about the various areas  of Rome broken down into sections about how easy it is to get there by bike, what there is to see in each area and if its worth spending money on a bike tour to do so.

The best areas of Rome uncovered

Touring Rome by Bike

The most relevant question to the topic of where to go cycling in Rome is: What areas can considered Rome?

Rome can be divided up into 4 main areas:

  • The Vatican and Castel St. Angelo: this area is in the northern side of the city and is easily reached by bicycle although you cannot ride bicycles through the main square of the Vatican; St Peters Square, nor take bicycles into the Vatican Musuem or Basilica of St. Peters.
  • Trastevere and Riverfront: this area lies south of the Vatican and is easy to get to cycling along the riverfront. Running alongside the riverbanks there is in fact Romes most used cycle lane. Use it to get between the Vatican and Island Tiber. Cycling around Trastevere is possibile.
  • Historic Centre: this is the main area of attention in Rome. Here you will find the Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and Spanish Steps. Unfortunately due to the density of the monuments and pedestrians, its not an easy area to cycle through. So perhaps avoid cycling through the middle by cycling over the hills of Quirinale or Esquilino to get to the Trevi Fountain from the Colosseum instead for example.
  • Ancient Rome: The area around the colosseum is known as Ancient Rome since its wehre you can still see mostly ancient Rome. This area includes The Colosseum, The Roman Forum and the Palace of the Emperors (Palatine Hill) and Circus Maximus. Here you can leave your bicycle chained up and go visit inside the archaeological area.


Cycling Ancient Roman roads

Bike Tours outside of Rome

Perhaps the best use of a bicycle in Rome: Cycling the Appian Way!

Although this area, known as the Park of the Appian way is not inside the old city, its really close to the old walls. Infact as soon as you leave the old roman walls from Porta St Sebastian, you will already be able to feel like you are in the countryside. 

Cycling along the old roman road called the Ancient Appian or Appia Antica in Italian, is great fun and safe since there are no cars. You will be able to visit the following sites of interest along the way:

  • The Catacombs of St. Callisto
  • The Catacombs of St Sebastiano
  • The Tomb of Cecelia Metella
  • The 4th-15th mile of the Appian way itself (mostly intact)
  • Various tomb stones and ruins along the way

For those with a bit of know-how there is also the Aquaduct Park off to the left although its a bit tricky crossing the new modern road Appia Nuova to get there. Perhaps cycling the Appian Way is also easier with an electric bicycle since the terrian is mostly off road. Read more about Guided Bike Tours of The Appian Way.