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The Pasolini Trail

Thanks to the Tiber River Cyclelane Volunteers there has been a significant advancement in terms of the reutilisition and valorization of Romes river. This is useful since it will eventually lead to a trail, commonly known as the Sentiero Pasolini or Pasolini Trail in English, which will connect Rome to the Seaside town of Ostia. It will also be of significant importance to tourists and those visiting Rome since they will now be able to reach the ruins of the ancient Roman port Ostia Antica by bike.

This group of volunteers have opened up long sections of cyclable trail running right alongside the river, making it an ideal trail since it is immersed in greenery and makes use of Romes most important and historic trade route the Tiber. It is an immense task though and these guys are constantly hacking back the vegetation to keep the trail open. There have also been some surprising discoveries as they the volunteers have continued to clear the path.

Early this year on the right hand bank of the Tiber river this group of volunteers found a bunker from the WW2. Subsequently it has immerged that this bunker was part of a control point along the river as one the other side of the river there is a second one at the same point. There has also been interest from other groups who have discovered a shared interest for this trail, such as those who want to walk in the footsteps of the Saint Nicolas of Myra following the Via Nicolaiana.

So all of their hard work is being done with the best of intentions:

  • Reconnect Rome to Ostia
  • Recuperate the Tiber river from a state of abandonment
  • Valorizing Romes river through utilization

To aid this effort and ensure that the volunteers of The Pasolini Trail are able to keep the trail clear and progress further, they rely on donations for equipment and costs. 

Please visit their website Sentiero Pasolini to make a donation.