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New Bike Path Connects Rome to Fiumicino & Ostia Antica

[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/BikePathRomeFiumicino.gpx”]

La Regina Ciclarum РFrom Labaro to Fiumicino (Mediterranean  Sea) by Bicycle

Romes newest and most exciting bike path connects up various existing and established bike lanes to form a continuous trail, from the city center all the way to the sea.

Known locally as the Regina Ciclarum, an homage to the ancient roman road called the Regina Viarum or “Queen of the roads”, the route to the sea has finally been connected thanks to volunteers clearing a path through overgrown shrub and riverbanks.¬† This involved the use of mechanical diggers and heavy machinery, so its no wonder it took a while to make it happen.

The route is visible below in a gpx track, uploaded to show you where exactly it passes. Although this seems pretty easy the truth is, in practice, its actually still quite disjointed and segmented. Sometimes its on one side of the river, then its switches over onto the other side via a bridge, then back onto the other side again. Sometimes its over asphalted roads, other times through fields

As you can see from the elevation profile above, it is downhill all the way however, as one would expect from a trail that runs follows the path of the river to the sea. Atleast that is a clear sign that you are going in the wrong direction when things start going uphill! Unless of course you are heading to Rome from Fiumicino.

We have invited one of the volunteers from a local group who maintain the bike lane that runs along the tiber river in Rome to come and speak about this new lane and the ability to arrive at the sea in bicycle, starting from Rome. Come and join us for an aperitivo at our opening night on Friday 1st Dec to hear more about it.