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Ciclofficina Popolare – Romes Community Cycle Centers.

Ever since I arrived in Rome in 2007 I have been aware of the community cycling centers, known as bike co-ops in other parts of the world or Ciclofficina Popolare in Italian.

These social centers are the back bone at large for the cycling community here in Rome as they encourage others to take care of their own bike by providing a place to meet and repair bicycles without having to pay a fee.

Usually these volunteer run centers rely on donations from those that frequent their workshops to pay for new parts, tools ect. In the case of the Red Bicycle however, we offer our tools and workshop to the public only twice a week as the other days we are working hard to pay for the rent etc.  We hope that in exchange for the support we offer to the cycling community of Rome, they will support our other initiatives that we hold to encourage cycling in Rome .

To read more about community run bikeshops and the idea that links them around the world , please visit Bike Collectives Network