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Via Appia Antica

Perhaps the only place to be able to ride your bicycle and enjoy it is actually outside of Rome! Well technically speaking the Appian Way is still very much within Romes modern day boundaries but once upon a time, this old road was a major thorough-fare out of the city and today it still allows you to do just that.

So here are some reasons why you should choose the Via Appia Antica, or Appian Way as its more commonly known when looking for an enjoyable day out on bikes in Rome: 

  1. It’s traffic free. Almost the entire road is closed to non-residents and there are very few people who can afford to live there, not to mention that there are only a handful of very expensive mansions.
  2. It’s surrounded by a big park called the Appia Antica Park which is 3300 hectares of protected land. So making for an idyllic bicycle ride.
  3. The Appian Way is still largely intact, so you can see the old roman stone and as well as brickwork from the roman tombs that lined the road.
  4. Further along the Appian Way there are remains of Roman Aquaducts and Catacombs from the early christians.

Here are some pointers on how to prepare for this adventure:

  1. Look at hiring bikes from the Appia Antica Park Department. They have electric bikes as well as normal bikes plus maps of the Appia Antica Park.
  2. Start by visiting the Catacombs of St Callisto. They are well kept and are run by priests catacombs along the Appian way.
  3. Bring water bottles and some food as there is very little along the way.
  4. Cycle until you get tired then turn back. Don’t try to get to the end as it continues for quite a way.
AreaThe Appian Way
Length15 Miles