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Visiting Ostia Antica

Visiting Ostia Antica – Romes Ancient Port

When travelling through the roman empire 2000 years ago, you would have needed to cross the Mediterranean sea to get to her further away provinces such as Judea (Israel) and Egypt. So it should be quite obvious that the ancient port of Rome Ostia, situated as it was once near the river mouth, would be a great place to visit to retrace the roots of Romes growth.

Public Transport

Starting with a 40 minute train ride to the nearby train station of Ostia Antica from Piramide train station will bring you to to within walking distance of this amazingly well preserved roman town. Complete with ancient roads, shops, restaurants and brothels…


Todays visitors are not so spoilt for choice with just one restaurant serving expensive food. We recommend to visit the nearby modern town of Fiumicino for lunch instead. 


The entrance costs €10 adults with some reductions for senior citizens etc. We suggest having a look at the official website for Ostia Antica for a full list of ticket prices.

Worth Knowing

  • The last sunday of every month its free to visit Ostia Antica
  • The site is closed every monday

Ostia Antica - Day Trip

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