Call Us: +39.327.538.7148
Call Us: +39.327.538.7148

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Following routes that avoid cycling amongst traffic, designed by cyclists for daily use means YES!

Are the tours safe for kids?

Most of the tours have been specifically designed with families in mind. If one of your little ones is a new rider however, we suggest the Catacombs Cycle.

Do you provide helmets?

Included on the tours are helmets and rain gear, should the weather be a bit wet.

How many people on a tour?

On average 4, but we limit the groups to 10 max.

Where do we meet?

Our shop is very near the Colosseum. Please read the directions on our Arriving Here page.

Whats the easiest way to get to you?

From the Colosseum metro, we are a 2 minute walk.

What should we bring?

We recommend loose fitting clothes and hard soled shoes. If you want to bring bottles for water, we have bottle cages on the bikes.

What happens if we need to cancel?

Please let us know if you won’t be coming as its very rude to keep us all waiting if you decide to not come. If you have paid, we will refund you in full if you cancel before the tour date.

What happens if its raining?

We will still go. Although we will provide you with some essential rain gear, it is recommended you bring a rain jacket if you have one.

Can we take photos?

As long as its not whilst you are riding. This can be dangerous.

Do you tell us the history?

Your tour leaders are firstly cyclists, secondly guides. Their aim is to make your day enjoyable and safe so with this in mind, don’t expect them to know “The Lives of the 12 Ceasars” although they all share a common interest in Rome’s varied history.