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The Baths of Saturnia

Quite  stunning as the sulfuric water cascading down the hillside in lower tuscany has created a staircase of rock pools.   Easily reachable on an overnight bike ride from Rome or Bracciano Lake as the itinerary is mostly on secondary gravel roads.   Start after lunch and head north towards Grosseto.  After reaching Tuscania your goal is within striking distance.   Camp for the night by the thermal waters of Saturnia spring, take a soothing bath and head back the next day.   For further details on this itinerary and planned dates, please see our calendar of events.
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Cycling around Bracciano Lake

As it is a stones throw from Rome by train, Bracciano Lake is a great place to go on a cycling holiday in Italy. From our base in Trevignano Romano, we offer guided tours as well as just renting bicycles to discover the area. This includes the following sites of interest: The towns surrounding the lake eg. Trevignano Romano, Bracciano and Anguillara The Natural Riserve of Bracciano and Martignano (woods) The Lake of Martignano The Geysers and mud flats of Caldara The Valley of Vejano The Via Francigena – Pilgrims Trail Sutri and Etrsucan Necropolis Roman Roads: Via Clodia and Via Amerina All of these areas and more are available on one of our planned itineraries. We provide electric mountain bikes with sizes available for the entire family, as well as routes planned to include stops along the way. Drop off and Pick up at the nearest location to the start of your bike trip.
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Via Appia Antica

One of Romes best kept secrets is an ancient roman road called the Appian Way running through the countryside. A great escape from the heat and crowded city center.
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