Terms and Conditions – Bike Tours

 Confirmation of booking

  1. Customers having reserved their tour via our website will be emailed a booking reservation containing tour details.
  2. This will be emailed to them as soon as the booking has been processed or immediately in the event of online payment.


  1. We are unable to run a tour with less than 2 confirmed participants.
  2. If for any reason the tour is cancelled we will email customers to let them know.
  3. The Red Bicycle reserves the right to vary the times of departure if necessary.


  1. We require 24 hours notice for any tour payment to be refunded in full.
  2. We are unable to offer refunds for payments after 60 days.
  3. To reschedule a tour, we need at least 12 hours notice.

Late Arrivals

  1. All customers are required to be at our bike shop at least 15 minutes before tour is due to start time.
  2. We will make every effort to wait for you in the event that you are running late.
  3. It is appreciated if you would call to let us know you’re running late.

Rain Policy

  1. Please read our Rain Policy Here


  1. You are responsible for you’re well being at all times. Under no circumstances can The Red Bicycle be held responsible for injury to yourself due to negligent behaviour.
  2. By agreeing to take part on the tour, all customers are expected to follow the safety instructions given by the guide and to exercise due care and attention whilst cycling.
  3. If a participant is unable to ride a bicycle safely the tour leader may ask the person to stop riding. No refund will be given.

Personal Belongings

  1. You can store any extra luggage on site.
  2. We suggest bringing a bottle of water as there are plenty of public drinking fountains along the way.


  1. Anyone under the age of 16 is eligible for our child rate but needs to be accompanied by an adult.
  2. We provide third wheels/tag along plus child seats for children under the age of 8 or who are unable to cycle their own bike safely.
  3. Infants and Babies can join our tours free of charge with a baby seat attached to an adults bike.


  1. There are a few discounts available so please read more about them here.
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