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Terms & Conditions – Bike Hire

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Late Returns

Any person who does not return their hired article/s to the shop on the agreed day will be obliged to pay a penalty of €20. This is to ensure that we have the necessary availability for other customers.

Theft, Loss or Damage

In the event that a bike or hired item gets stolen, lost or damaged, the client will be held responsible. We will be obliged to ask for half the retail price of the item and for this reason require an ID document as a form of a deposit.

Safety Precautions

To be able to keep a hired item overnight it is necessary to have a safe place to keep it/them. For this reason we ask that you check with your hotel concierge or management beforehand if it is OK to keep the bikes etc. within the courtyard of the building. In most cases this is not a problem. NB. STREET-SIDE IS NOT ACCEPTED!

Late Night Drop-Off

We offer the option of returning the hired items after shop closing hours. To be able to do so however requires that clients leave the keys for the bike locks at a designated restaurant near by, from where they will also be able to collect their ID documents.


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