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Bracciano Lake

Bicycle Rental

For those who want to to go cycling around Bracciano Lake or are staying in the vicinit, we offer a bicycle rental service which includes delivery and pick up.

The areas covered by this bicycle rental service with delivery include: Trevignano Romano, Anguillara Sabazia, Bracciano, Canale Monterano and the Natural Riserve of Bracciano and Martignano Park. We delivery bicycles for rental periods starting from just 1 day (conditions apply) and will come pick them up at the end of your ride.

Cycle between the pretty towns that surround the Bracciano Lake or venture off-road into the woods that surround the lake, known as Parco Regionale di Lago di Bracciano e Martignano. The electric bikes available for rental are perfect for a days ride along the trails that surround the lake.

Bicycle Per Day AM/PM Sizes
Elettric Mtb (adult) €40 €25 S/M/L
Electric Mtb (child) €35 €20 1.3m height min
Mtb €15 €10 M/L
Trekking €15 €10 M/L
Child bike €10 €5 S
  • Includes Delivery and Pick-up for Electric Bikes
  • Mtb and Trekking require minimum of 3 days rental for free delivery (otherwise €20 surplus for delivery and pick up)
  • Helmets and route/tracks included
  • Repair kit provided
  • Assistance in case of emergency