Personalized Private Bike Tour

Personalized Bike Tour of Rome

In addition to our schedule of regular tours, we also offer the option to have a mini tour made to suit your own schedule. The duration of the tour is approximately 4 hours but is not limited to 4 hours, allowing participants the possibility of finishing earlier or later than planned. There is a choice of itineraries that includes all of our exisiting tours, plus an option to set your own.

Ideal for those who are bored with the classic sites or who want to enjoy Rome in a more intimate way, cycling with your own personal guide on a route that you choose.

Take a stop for a drink at a famous bar we recommend or hit some secret sights like the Palazzo Spada and Borrominis Perspective.

Itinerary Options

A classic bike tour of Rome covering the main sights such as the Colosseum, Palatine Hill & Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, Vatican and St Peters Square etc. A thorough tour of the city whilst still giving participants a feel for its hidden side, such as Trastever and the riverside

A short ride out of town along an ancient roman road brings you to the catacombs, a place of silence and retreat. Further along, the road leads you through a park filled with aquaduct ruins and a stream. Finally on the way back there is a stop at a local spring for water and wine!

A world away from the heat and crowds during the day, the night tour takes you into the main squares to experience Romes night life. You still get to see alot however! The Garden of the Oranges, the Keyhole of Rome and the Piramide are some of the stops along this route.

If you have been to Rome before or have somethings in particular that you would like to see, we can offer you a planned route that will take in these sights without having to cycle in traffic. As with all our Bike Tours!

Request a Private Bike Tour

Call us for an immediate price quote and to organize your tour guide. Last minute availability!

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  1. Shazia Jafree says:

    My husband myself and our teenage son did this fantastic bike tour of Rome with Glen. He was a brilliant guide. I am not the most confident cyclist but Glen was amazing and very patient. The tour was booked for Sunday but due to bad weather Glen rescheduled it for Tuesday. He structured the tour for our interests and it was the best way to see Rome on a tight schedule. We managed to cover more than we could cover with any walking tour in 3 1/2 hours, stopping for a quick snack. Glen was very considerate and finished the tour at Vatican City as we were booked for Vatican tour for 1pm. Instead of finishing at bike shop, he arranged to park bikes near Vatican so we were not delayed for our next tour. Absolutely amazing time. Thank you so much.

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