Cycle the city streets from ancient to modern Rome

Experience all of Rome with a bicycle on an All Day Bike Tour. See as much as possible during this extensive and indepth bicycle tour, taking in sights such as the Quirinal & Lateran Palaces. This tour gives you a complete overview of Rome, from the romans to the popes and how it came to be the worlds first super-power.

Includes a late afternoon lunch during the tour at a local restaurant, allowing you time to relax and have a break from cycling. Sample local dishes such as Cacio e Pepe or Carbonara and the famous Amatriciana.

There will also be a snack stop at a little cafe near the Vatican earlier on in the tour to use the bathroom, get something to eat and have a coffee.

What makes this tour special:

  • Get to see the Quirinale Palace
  • Get off the beaten track through gardens and past villas
  • Have a lunch recommended by locals
  • Stop for coffee/snack in a little cafe

For This Tour:

  • Approx 35kms in distance
  • Covers 4 of Romes 7 Hills
  • Requires a certain level of stamina
  • Perfect for those who want to cover as much as possibile in one day


Price: 1[dropcap1]€[/dropcap1]00 Adults /€90 Children

Days: Everyday

Start Time: 09:30

Finish Time: 18:00

Includes: Lunch & Snack

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What To Expect

– Getting Started –

After having taken a minute or two to familiarize yourself with your chosen bicycle, we explain the route and how long it will take us to get back to the start.

– Ancient Rome –

Cycling up over the Aventine Hill past the Circus maximus brings us into close proximity to the origins of Rome. Based around the river front, up high on the Palatine and Capitoline hill we see how the early roman civilization developed.

– Capital Hill – 

From this historic hill of Rome we can see the Roman forum and how romes power grew and stretched through the mediterrain thanks to the river and its trade routes.

– Jewish Rome –

Quite easy to overlook in light of Romes immense amount of history is its oldest surviving community: The Roman Jews. Who have in fact held onto their roots and can trace their lineage back to the roman occupation of the ancient roman province of Judea around the time of Jesus.

– Medieval Rome & Trastevere –

Situated around the riverbanks is where we find the remants of Rome, where a community continued to live albeit in much fewer numbers. Cycling through this charming neighborhood brings out a side of Rome not seen elsewhere.

– Vatican City & Snack Stop –

Passing out of trastevere and its walls, we cycle towards the vatican where we encounter stories of Popes and the way they shaped the world for many centuries to come. It wasnt until Mussolini in fact that the church would finally recognize the sovereignty of the Italian state.

Its also here outside the vatican city that we stop for a coffee or snack at a little cafe right alongside the passage way that was used by the popes to escape.

– Piazza Del Popolo & Borghese Gardens –

Arriving at this piazza from the Vatican is perhaps the best way to get to see it, as you cycle in from above and get the full effect of the architect who designed it: Giuseppe Valadier. We continue to cycle through the gate Porta Flaminia which takes out of Romes ancient walls and up towards the Borghese Gardens.

– Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain & Pantheon –

All of these must sees in Rome are clustered together in a small area known as the centro storico or historic center in english. The area is full of other interesting sights as well however such as the Church of St. Ignatious which we go inside.

– Late Afternoon Lunch –

Sit down at a carefully selected restuarant away from the crowds and heat of the day for a lunch made of local dishes such as carbonara or amatriciana. For those who are allergic, substiutes are available. The lunch doesn’t include drinks or any dessert.

– After Lunch –

Depending on how long it has taken us to get this far and how much energy we have left, we could consider taking the route back through the city to the Colosseum or over the Quirinal hill to see the ex-palaces of the king and now president of Italy.

-Piazza Venezia & Gardens-

Recently opened to the public this pretty oasis of green near to Romes busiest intersection makes it a place to escape the hustle and bustle for minute, before the final stretch back to the Colosseum.

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