Cycle with the leaders!

Our aim is to set a trend in Rome, a cycling trend.

Most Romans don’t consider the bicycle a valid alternative to the car or motorized means of transport. Part of what we do is help others to see that it isn’t true.

The bicycle can take you places no other means of transport can, its freedom to go where you like when you like.

Whats better than a bicycle? Perhaps nothing, maybe just a red one!

Glenn Newland - Lead Cyclist

Owner and originator of The Red Bicycle Tour Org.

I started the Red Bicycle in 2010 when an old friend of mine lent me a bicycle which I painted red. Since then I have learnt how to manage groups of bikers eager to see and feel Rome, so I hope that I do this as well as I should! My languages include English (mother tongue), Italian and Dutch. I am originally from South Africa but have been working and living in Italy since 2007. I am responsible for organizing the routes, tours and guides but its not uncommon that I actually lead the tours as well!

Musa Dibouf - Lead Cyclist

Rome Bike tour Guide Musa

I have been working with Glenn as a tour leader since 2012. My languages include English, French and Italian. I am originally from Senegal but have been living and working in Italy since 2007. Currently I am responsible for the Appian Way and Catacomb bike tours as the area outside of Rome in the countryside is my preferred area of expertise. I enjoy showing people the park of the Aqueducts and the Spring of Santa Egeria.

Leonardo Storace - Lead Cyclist

Born and Breed Roman! My passion is for sharing with you the charms of this beautiful city. I hope you like to listen! I haven’t been working with the Red Bicycle all that long but am ready for more! Some of the biggest challenges are faced as I have to guide with young children through the city but it is easy now. My favorite areas are the Castelli Romani but I am mainly responsible for leading the tours through the City. I speak English fluently and Italian.