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Being an avid cyclist has meant the tougher the climbs, the better the thrill. When it comes to cycling Sicily however, italys biggest island and autonomic region and home to Euopes highest active volcano Etna, this can even be too true…

Cycling Etna is something not many cyclists in Italy will try, even though it was part of the Giro Italia 2017. Its rocky landscape and occasional lava flows make it quite an inhospitable environment for your average cyclist. This said however arriving at the main piazza of Sapienza Refugio, 1900m above sea level is a “goosebumps” challenge.

There is a lot to like about Sicily; for its gastronomy (Sicilian pasticcerias are always the better ones here in Rome), its full bodied red wines (especially from those vineyards on the hills of Etna), exotic beaches and rocks perfect for diving, Greek & Roman & Arab historic roots and influences (as well as Norman castles!) and finally its volcanic islands like Stromboli (see the eruptions at night by boat!).

Next time you are planning on a cycling holiday, why not consider Sicily? Or have a look at our bike trip to Sicily program.

Pasqualino at the Colosseum

Pasqualino is one of the oldest restaurants in Rome , located right next to the colosseum as luck would have it. It’s original owners are no longer, although they still play a significant part in its running choosing the wines served to the tables and oils used in the kitchen.

Here one can expect to be served the best that local tradition can offer today, from La Amatriciana to the Carbonara. Washed down with copious amounts of wine from the local hills of the Castelli Romani, makes pasqualino part of a short list when choosing somewhere to eat near the colosseum.

Wholeheartely supported by the Red Bicycle who have a bike shop plus tours down the road from this restaurant .

The Castelli Romani – Rome

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