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Rome Bicycle Packaging and Courier Service

Cycling holidays can be a great way to explore Italy and have an

Sending a bicycle by courier

Boxing a bike in Rome

adventure, although they can be tricky logistically. If you don’t feel like going on one of our organized cycling holidays and prefer to make your own way, at least let us take care of some of the hassle!

For those who are touring Europe by bicycle and need to ship bicycles back home, we offer a bicycle boxing and packaging service to be able to send your bicycle on board an aeroplane or high speed train as well as offer a courier service for sending bicycles to a destination.

The Bicycle Courier Service covers the following areas: United Kingdom and European Union (including Denmark, Norway and Sweden), The United States and Canada, Australia.

Sending a bicycle from Rome with us can save you time and money, considering that you can:

  • Leave the bicycle and any extra equipment onsite, no extra charge
  • Let us pack it for you safely, no extra charge
  • Pick it up at your desired destination within a week
  • Prices depend on destination but start as low as 90 euros

The Bicycle Boxing/Packaging Service is useful for those who already have a way of carrying their bicycle but need it boxed and more importantly so that when it arrives, it has no damage.

  • Same day Bike Boxing Service with a days notice 60 euros
  • Next day Bike Boxing Service with a days notice 40 euros
  • Simple Bike Boxing Service (We sell you a box) 20 euros

To make an appointment to have your bike boxed or for quote on how much it would cost to send you bike by courier, please send us an email or call.

Opening Hours:

  • Morning 09:00 – 13:00
  • Afternoon 15:00 – 19:30
  • Closed Sundays and Monday morning (unless by appointment)