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Keyhole of Rome & Order of Malta

This little gem of Rome has now become part of many travelers itineraries, esp

ecially if its not the first time! Located on the Aventine Hill, the Order of Malta has its head office here with a large green door opening onto an internal garden. You cant see through the door, but you can take a peak through the Keyhole…

The origins of the more commonly known Order of Malta lie with The Knights of the Order of Malta, a select group of men chosen to protect their patrons lands and protect christians from as early as the 1100’s. After losing the battle of 1552 against the turks, this group of trained military men moved the headquarters of their order to island of Malta.

Today they continue to

The keyhole of the door to the Order Of Malta

serve the church and provide aid and relief to conflict torn areas as well as those affected by natural disasters. There are more than 11000 Dames & Knights of the Order of Malta worldwide, responsible to the Grand Master and the Sovereign Council in Rome.

For more info about the Order of Malta visit Knights of Malta website.

Otherwise if you couldn’t be bothered and just want to have a look through the keyhole: Join Us! Our evening bike tour is a great way to see this site plus many more in a short amount of time.