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Discount Code for Bike Tour of Rome

Discount Code for Taking a Bike Tour

Rome Bike Tour Discount Code

Take advantage of our summer special when booking a bike tour for 4 or more people.

If you are about to book a bike tour but want a better deal, look no further!

When booking for 4 people or more use the code “Loyal” to get a discount of 15% off the total price. Enter the word as written above into the Coupon Code box on the booking page.

This Rome Bike Tour Discount Code cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or special offers. It is only valid for tours running until the end of September.

Payment needs to be completed online at the time of booking.

Terms & Conditions – Bike Hire

Late Returns

Any person who does not return their hired article/s to the shop on the agreed day will be obliged to pay a penalty of €20. This is to ensure that we have the necessary availability for other customers.

Theft, Loss or Damage

In the event that a bike or hired item gets stolen, lost or damaged, the client will be held responsible. We will be obliged to ask for half the retail price of the item and for this reason require an ID document as a form of a deposit.

Safety Precautions

To be able to keep a hired item overnight it is necessary to have a safe place to keep it/them. For this reason we ask that you check with your hotel concierge or management beforehand if it is OK to keep the bikes etc. within the courtyard of the building. In most cases this is not a problem. NB. STREET-SIDE IS NOT ACCEPTED!

Late Night Drop-Off

We offer the option of returning the hired items after shop closing hours. To be able to do so however requires that clients leave the keys for the bike locks at a designated restaurant near by, from where they will also be able to collect their ID documents.



Summer Sale 2017

Book for groups of 4 or more people for 15% discount. Payment also needs to be made via Paypal (credit cards accepted) at the time of booking to qualify.

Enter the code “Loyal” into the Coupon Code box on the tour booking page.

Group Discount

If you will be booking with a group of 8 people or more, we can offer a discount of 10%.

Enter the code “Group” into the Coupon Code box on the tour booking page.

Student Discount

For students travelling alone ie. without their parents, we offer a 5 euro discount for our City Center tours.

Enter the code “Student” into the Coupon Code box on the tour booking page.

Second Tour Discount

Have you already been on a tour with us? Even if that was last year, the discount of 15% is still valid. Just remind us when you come.

Enter the code “Loyal” into the Coupon Code box on the tour booking page.


Google Map Position

Public transport/ Walking

Our Bike shop is located very near to the Colosseum Metro. Walk left out of the Colosseum metro and at the traffic lights cross both pedestrian crossings. Turn right and take the second street on your left Via dei Santi Quattro, number 81. We are situated infront of the Hotel Celio which has flags hangin off its walls.

From Civitavecchia (the port of Rome)

Pronounced chi’v’ta’vekia this old port has become a stopping point for most western mediterranean cruises. It has a beautiful castle which is prominent as you disembark from the boat. The only way of getting to Rome has to be by train. There will be many taxis waiting to take you but the traffic will almost certainly be worse than the driver tells you. Additionally the train costs much less and offers more leg room.

From Fiumicino airport

Of the 2 airports serving Rome, this airport is usually the preferred arrival point due its trans-atlantic flights. The easiest and quickest way to Rome from the airport is by train, but there is also a national bus service. Avoid using taxis and private transfers as they are expensive and prone to delays.

From Ciampino airport

This airport is the closer of the 2 to Romes city center, but isnt aswell connected. There is a train to Rome but it doesn’t leave from the airport, hence you need to take a bus and then the train. The best way to get to Rome from Ciampino, which is used by alot of smaller airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet, is to use the local bus service to the Metro Anagnina. From there its a simple matter of getting off at the nearest stop to your hotel, apartment etc.

Driving in Rome

Avoid at all costs! If you have rented a car and want to join a bicycle tour with the Red Bicycle, there is parking available at the a garage near by. The location is easy to find via google maps, just click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Following routes that avoid cycling amongst traffic, designed by cyclists for daily use means YES!

Are the tours safe for kids?

Most of the tours have been specifically designed with families in mind. If one of your little ones is a new rider however, we suggest the Catacombs Cycle.

Do you provide helmets?

Included on the tours are helmets and rain gear, should the weather be a bit wet.

How many people on a tour?

On average 4, but we limit the groups to 10 max.

Where do we meet?

Our shop is very near the Colosseum. Please read the directions on our Arriving Here page.

Whats the easiest way to get to you?

From the Colosseum metro, we are a 2 minute walk.

What should we bring?

We recommend loose fitting clothes and hard soled shoes. If you want to bring bottles for water, we have bottle cages on the bikes.

What happens if we need to cancel?

Please let us know if you won’t be coming as its very rude to keep us all waiting if you decide to not come. If you have paid, we will refund you in full if you cancel before the tour date.

What happens if its raining?

We will still go. Although we will provide you with some essential rain gear, it is recommended you bring a rain jacket if you have one.

Can we take photos?

As long as its not whilst you are riding. This can be dangerous.

Do you tell us the history?

Your tour leaders are firstly cyclists, secondly guides. Their aim is to make your day enjoyable and safe so with this in mind, don’t expect them to know “The Lives of the 12 Ceasars” although they all share a common interest in Rome’s varied history.

Terms and Conditions – Bike Tours

Confirmation of booking

  1. Customers having reserved their tour via our website will be emailed a booking reservation containing tour details.
  2. This will be emailed to them as soon as the booking has been processed or immediately in the event of online payment.



  1. We are unable to run a tour with less than 2 confirmed participants.
  2. If for any reason the tour is cancelled we will email customers to let them know.
  3. The Red Bicycle reserves the right to vary the times of departure if necessary.



  1. We require 24 hours notice for any tour payment to be refunded in full.
  2. We are unable to offer refunds for payments after 60 days.
  3. To reschedule a tour, we need at least 12 hours notice.


Late Arrivals

  1. All customers are required to be at our bike shop at least 15 minutes before tour is due to start time.
  2. We will make every effort to wait for you in the event that you are running late.
  3. It is appreciated if you would call to let us know you’re running late.


Rain Policy

  1. Please read our Rain Policy Here


  1. You are responsible for you’re well being at all times. Under no circumstances can The Red Bicycle be held responsible for injury to yourself due to negligent behaviour.
  2. By agreeing to take part on the tour, all customers are expected to follow the safety instructions given by the guide and to exercise due care and attention whilst cycling.
  3. If a participant is unable to ride a bicycle safely the tour leader may ask the person to stop riding. No refund will be given.



Personal Belongings

  1. You can store any extra luggage on site.
  2. We suggest bringing a bottle of water as there are plenty of public drinking fountains along the way.



  1. Anyone under the age of 16 is eligible for our child rate but needs to be accompanied by an adult.
  2. We provide third wheels/tag along plus child seats for children under the age of 8 or who are unable to cycle their own bike safely.
  3. Infants and Babies can join our tours free of charge with a baby seat attached to an adults bike.



  1. There are a few discounts available so please read more about them here.