Cycling the Appian Way

Cycling the Appian Way, Catacombs & Aquaducts

Visit the area most likely to change your opinion of Romes traffic and crowds.

Escape Rome with a bicycle

Seeing Rome is often tiring due to all the churches, crowds and endless cars. To get away from all this and the usual touristy spots, we suggest you visit the roman countryside. Running approximately south east of Rome lies the ancient Appian Way which takes you through mostly green landscape up to the foothills of the nearby extinct volcano. Cycling along the trails that run next to the road one will find roman tombs, sepulchres and villas not to mention catacombs, aquaducts and natural springs.

Appia Antica Park

Should you decide you want to visit the park, an area of more than 35 000 hectres which is a regional park called the Parco dell’Appia Antica, we suggest renting a bicycle from the Appia Antica Park Department. To get there you will need to either walk or catch a bus from the city center. Visit their website should you need more info about rates, opening hours and location.

Aquaducts, Catacombs & Natural Spring (plus wine tasting!)

Cycling through the roman countryside is an excellent way to see how the romans existed outside of the city. On our way out of the city walls, we stop to visit the Catacombs of St. Callisto where some of the earliest christian graves in the world are. In addition to the Aquaducts (only visible on the Appian Cycle) there is also a stop a local spring with local wines to taste!


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